Pineapple Green Delight


Nope. No baby yet.

Maybe by the time this post is posted I’ll be in labor. Maybe? Hopefully. PLEASSSSSSEEEE!! According to the doc I am on day 4 of being “overdue” but that is based on a 28 days cycle and since mine has always been a 34 day one - according to my theory - I’m technically not late. Yet.


But yet, still, even though I’m cooked - really really really ready - and deeply know and believe I have no control over when she decides to pop out and finally say HELLO - I still had to try the list of natural ways to possibly induce labor. I just had to!

1. take a brisk walk or hike

2. have sex

3. stimulate your nipples


5. eat spicy food

6. take a bumpy ride

7. dance

8. get acupressure

9. rub acupressure points

10. visualization

11. eat our next door neighbors meatballs

12. drink a dark beer.


Well, I still can’t walk freely due to my sprained foot, so that's out. Having sex is pretty much laughably impossible at this stage of the game. My ta ta's are incredibly sensitive and stimulating them (i.e. milking them like a cow!) has made them even worse. LOVE pineapple and any reason to make one of my favorite drinks, I’m all for. Have been consuming spicy foods throughout my pregnancy so, since my body is used to the spice, it doesn’t seem to be shaking things up. Gonna try the bumpy ride asap. My son and I have been dancing in the mornings which has been very fun but - nada. Did acupressure when I was pregnant with him to try to help with morning sickness as well as trying to turn him head down - didn’t do shit so not fully a believer when it comes to helping with pregnancy. Am visualizing and talking with her a ton - but she is already representing her (stubborn!) Taurus sun sign. Ate my neighbors meatballs (that sounds funny but seriously they own one of the best restaurants in town - Scopa) did nothing. Had a few dark beers over the past few days and though they were delicious (never even been a fan of beer until now!) they didn’t do zip.


What have I learned time and time again…surrender. She will come when she is damn well ready. Period. A little nudge may help or it may not. All I can really do is rest more, prepare, gather energy, nourish, relax and trust. I mean she can’t stay in there forever?!


And so this weeks recipes is dedicated to inducing labor with a beloved pineapple drink I make a lot. My 2 1/2 yr old loves it too. I like it best with kale but you could use another dark green you have on hand instead. Also you could use fresh pineapple but since we don’t have an ice machine, I freeze freshly cut pineapple which acts as my ice to make the drink extra cold and frothy. But if you don’t have frozen pineapple, just throw in a handful of ice cube with the fresh and you’ll be good to go. Really good coconut water is key here as well. My favorite is Harmless Harvest. Honestly the only thing better is cracking a fresh coconut.


Cheers to you all and I really really hope (for your sake and mine!) this will be the last LAST week I will write about being pregnant. Here’s to a smooth and sweet labor!

Pineapple Green Delight

  • 2 cups fresh or really good coconut water
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen pineapple
  • 4  leaves of green kale, hard stems removed
  • juice of 1 lime
  • handful of ice cubes if using fresh pineapple

Put everything into the blender and blend until combine. Serve immediately.

Serves 2