Final Fish Lunch # 8


If I was rocking more sleep (4 hrs last night), I'm sure I would be feeling a bit better but I have not been able to fully sleep soundly this past week. And I am not one to have trouble sleeping soundly. Normally I am out like a light within minutes of my head touching the pillow. But, unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case here. It is a combination of the haunted B&B I am staying at, the fact that the air conditioning unit in my room is right above my bed so the condensation from the heat drips on my head waking my ass right up when I finally do fall asleep. Also, I have an insane amount of mosquito bites all around my right angle which seems to itch most at night. Not to mention the espresso’s, eating late and drinking like a f-ing alky.


I have had an unbelievably delicious week, don't get me wrong. Wouldn't change a thing. But alas, all wonderful things come to an end and this afternoon lunch will conclude this week of indulgence.


We go to the fish market to get some fish for our final lunch. Stinky. Fish markets are very very very stinky! Silverstro reassures me that the fish were just caught and killed within the hour. ‘Great’, I say with a smile, ‘I’m gonna wait outside’.


He gets some Calamari, some white Italian fish I can’t remember the name and fresh Sardines. The Sardines were my request. I love them. Back in NYC, I was on a Sardine kick. Stinky yes, but mixed in a big green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, cayenne, lemon juice, olive oil and a dollop some ruby red sauerkraut. Perfect whole food protein, cause you eat the entire thing. Bones and skin and all. High in calcium, iron and omegas. Yum, but I digress.


Unfortunately, my lack of sleep mixed with the wine that was served with lunch halted my picture taking. Am especially bummed I didn't snap any shot of those cute sardines but oh well. What’s done is done.

And so, I bid you adieu. Thank you Silvestro and The Awaiting Table for being such incredibly delicious hosts and nurturing my many authentic, splendid insightful joyful yummy experiences. But now, now, I must stop eating and drinking, do a cleanse, and get some peaceful, restful recouperating sleep.