Noci People

Noci Sonoma isn't about one person, it is about the place and the people who who are building it from the very dirt from which it is rising.  This includes our Founding Members.  They are the life blood of this place.  Without the members this would be just empty land.


Farmers Wife / CULINARY Director

Aria Alpert Adjani

If someone told me this is how my life would have effortlessly unfolded, I would of told them to F off.

You see, I have always been the type of woman who actually thought I had some sort of control over things. That if I just stuck with my plan, everything would become what I thought I wanted it to be.  For years, I was way too rigid in my ways. In my life, my relationships, my food and in my kitchen.

In my food life, I was one of those obsessive militant vegetarian then vegan then raw foodist then macrobiotic and gluten free. Though I benefited a tremendous amount from all those extreme diets throughout the years, I finally embraced the fact that I enjoyed food far too much to live my life in constant restriction. 

I am also a graduate of the chef’s training program at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in NYC, which is founded on the principle that what we eat significantly affects our physical and mental well-being. My cooking is influenced by this philosophy as well as inspired  by what I may seasonally find at my local grocer, farmers market and especially now in our Noci Sonoma gardens.

As far as my life went, let’s just say the cacophony exploded and I was finally finally able to see and break free from my unwavering dramatic patterns that seemed to overpower every bite of it. And when I did. When I truly let go and stopped taking everything so freaking seriously, the course of my life completely shifted. At the time of the shift, I was an actress living in NYC, newly separated and bursting to find my own rhythm again.

I decided to embark on a journey, traveling alone throughout Italy and take a cooking course at a quaint little school along the Adriatic Sea. All I wanted to do was eat, drink, cook, explore and write about my adventures.

Before I left, I received an e-mail from the creator of a lifestyle website I had posted recipes on awhile back. He inquired about receiving more recipes and I responded with wanting to blog my way through my travels on his site. Never would I have thought that this man, who I met and pretty much instantly fell in love with on a video chat while in Rome, was to become my husband, father of my children and now farmer.

So, here we are, only a handful of years later, with 2 delicious kids and an abundant gorgeous inspirational organic garden at my feet. I write a food blog of my seasonal inspirations. May mine inspires yours.


Creative Director / Farmer


If I knew what it would take to create a 24 acre garden/farm... I might have decided to start a little smaller.  Good thing I didn't know.

I am known as a Modern Farm to some people.  Someone who wasn't born on a farm, with dirt under my nails.  No, I wasn't, but it doesn't mean I wasn't born to do this.

I am a lucky man. I have the most amazing wife and partner, who loves me despite all my faults and lack of vertical height.  I also have two amazing little humans who light up my days with laughter and endless questions.  I am very lucky and feel so loved.  I hope I can live up to what they all deserve.

I spend my days on the farmstead. Learning how to tame the untamable. Tricking weeds into not sprouting and encouraging the weaker tastier, prettier plants to take hold and make the farm their home.  It isn't easy, and we have lost more battles than we have won. But inch by inch, field by field we are moving forward.  

When I look back at all the photos, I am always amazed how far we have already come.  Just a year ago, the field was blank.  Today, we have a beautiful front 4 acres covered in grasses, with a 500 ft fence, large black portal, fences, water, power, roads, and many many gardens in varies stages of being finished.  I am most proud of garden 14 our flower garden.  It is a mess right now, but within that mess, the shape is coming together. Our first trellis walls went up around it last week.  Soon we will plant the blackberry plants which have been patiently waiting by the greenhouse.  

I have been a designer/photographer for most of my life and have taken that creative energy and approach on this farm.  I never thought about creating just a farm.  I wanted to create a workshop, a place to be, a place to create.  To me, this meant you need first to design your space.  Where would the fields be, where would the water go, where would buildings live and what would they do.  On and on.  What I didn't do and now 2 years in, I probably should have, is limit what part of the land we would take on.  Maybe the back 5 acres.. no, I decided to take on the entire 24 acres in one go. This is proving to be the challenge of my life.

I am keeping a photoblog / journal of my time on the farm and in the wood shop.  See it unfold in The Farm Blog & Noci Instagram Account