Soft Re-Opening of Noci Sonoma


Yes, Friday is the day.  We will be officially re-opening Noci Sonoma

after a year of being closed down. So we made a video.

Scroll to the bottom to watch the video.  But before you do that,  I just wanted to say how much I appreciate my family. I don't know if they know how much I love them and without them, this would have never come to life.  We all did this together.  

This is a vast project for just a little family of four,  like ours to take on.  My wife Aria has been my rock, my inspiration, my co-creator, co-founder and my best friend.  I love her so.  (this is becoming an Oscar speech, sorry)

Aria has let me dream big and take on projects I should probably never have taken on.  Like designing and building a 500 ft natural water garden /pool which splits the land in half.  Or the miles of green walls, or matching bookend buildings or well, you get the point.  Too many things, all at once and for years on end.  

I have no words for how much I love my kids.  They too have let me spend endless hours away from home over the last four years to create this garden.  

 Along the way we have a been there, working, eating, playing and hosting family and friends.  But now finally we can officially say we have turned a corner. Construction is nearing an end, and all our hard work and that of our dedicated amazing team has finally paid off.  The gardens are looking stunning.  The buildings are nearly done, and that water garden is only months away from being completed. Noci will officially be open this coming Friday.  Let me say that again. We are open. Crazy.


The big opening is still a year away, but this coming Friday will be very meaningful to all of us.

First, we thought we should somehow get the feeling of Noci out into the world.  I grabbed my ever present iPhone X out of my pocket and started shooting.   The little promo below, I shot over the last two weeks.  Of course my family and our friends are the stars.  

Aria had some friends over for a picnic (thank you to them), and the kids came over to play.  I thought maybe with the right light, I could capture what it feels like to be in the gardens.  To live, play, harvest and spend time here.  I hope the video gives you a glimpse of that feeling I get when I am here.

Of course, I will definitely make sure to let you know how it goes.  I am crossing my fingers, my toes and anything else I can cross, in hope that this video finds the right people, garden people.  I know there are more of us out there.  People who love the magic of a garden.

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