Sheep and Pigs and Dogs and Children - oh my!

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The sheep and the pigs have arrived. We are offically owners of not only land and farm equipment but now - livestock. I know I’ve expressed this many many many times before but seriously folks, holy shit. Literally. And there is a lot of it. With flies to boot!

We got 5 pregnant (yes pregnant!) sheep, 1 male sheep, 2 lady piggies and 1 male pig. The only name I have for any of them is for the male pig, Fernando. The definition of that name in the urban dictionary, (one that I frequent often) says this about that name; 'Fernando: usually categorized by an over-sized growth in their pants. Also known for their ability to seduce and charm the ladies with their devilishly good looking hair and smile.' So here he is ladies, Fernando. Cha cha cha.


My husband is in charge of taking care of the farm animals and our son loves to help daddy out. He has become a farm boy right before our eyes. Cries every time we leave them.


I would love to help take care of them as well but I am barely holding on to my sanity since my 6 month old daughter is refusing to sleep through the night. It seems the more tricks I try to make that a reality, the worse it is getting. Playing white noise worked for a night or two, moving her crib away from our bed and into my closet worked for a night or two (we have a tiny house), getting her all cozy in wool pjs then zipped up in a wool sleep sack worked for a night or two - now these nights or two she didn’t sleep through the night but she only woke up twice which for me kinda felt like I had a good nights sleep. Anyway blah blah blah I’m tired, exhausted, what else is new. But please, if you happen to know me or you have a mama in your life that isn’t getting any sleep either please please please don’t point out how tired we look or how having children ages us - thanks a bunch for your words of wisdom but you can go F yourself and keep your brilliant observation to yourself. Forgive my potty mouth, I ain’t got no friendly reserves no more. YeeeeHawwwww.