Summer Gardens, Outdoor Kitchen / Lounge / Food & Movie Nights, Yes.... Movies

We got some exciting things brewing on the farm. Not least of which is we bought a projector so once our back kitchen is up and running (only a few weeks away!) we will start having members only movie night in our garden! Under the stars. Munching on our very own homemade garden vegetable chips and other delicious nibbles from our…wait for it…garden kitchen!! Can you tell I’m excited.

And once that kitchen does go up we will be able to start on our much desired 400 foot natural pool. So you gotta hold out just a bit more.  The kitchen is worth the wait, believe me.  The kitchen is 60’x20’ with a built in members lounge to hang out in and even more important,  two new bathrooms with an outdoor shower.   
I can feel late night dinners coming.. can’t you?  Music?


Our summer crops are booming right now and we have some new additions to the farm stand:

    •    Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes and an Heirloom Be My Baby Gene Pool (yes that is really the name!)
    •    Gorgeous rainbow colored Heirloom Carrots
    •    Tomatillos
    •    Mixed Spring Onions
    •    Plump juicy sweet Seascape Strawberries
    •    Padron Peppers, Anaheim, Ancho and Red Flame
    •    Bacon is in limited supply as some of you loyal bacon lovers almost wiped us out! We only have Nitrate Free left (which happensto be my personal favorite) We are about to harvest the last remaining pigs next week and will be getting more bacon soon though.
    •    We are offering different variety of Lamb as well.
    •    Our first crop of Flowers! We have Dahlias, Marigolds and Zinnas.

We are also selling flats of Strawberries, Tomatillos and Padrons so if you are interested in getting them in bulk send us an e-mail.

Construction Updates

Outdoor Kitchen  / Members Lounge  
The outdoor kitchen is about two weeks away from completion.  Yes two weeks if we push hard.  Floors go in on Monday, Walls and roof are on, all the equipement has arrived and the rough plumbing is done.  

This is a big one for us.  We are permitted for a 14 bedroom septic which requires three tanks and another pump tank at the front of the farm for the retail buildings.  Once we complete the kitchen we are turning our attention to the septic.  It show go in quick because we dug the holes before the rains and just need to clean up the area.  Can’t wait to have actual bathrooms.

Retail Farm Pantry Buildings and Front Portal
Lets start with the Portal in the fence.  It is up and the last step is the floor.  I believe we are going to rock the floor for now and then come back around and deck it later in the season. 

The retail Farm Pantry building, the one we are all waiting for should start construction within three weeks.  Once that starts the grand opeing clock will start ticking.  Crossing our fingers for September.