Visions of What is to Come

Hello readers - I am Naomi Mcleod.  I am, at present Noci’s project manager.

I first moved to Healdsburg in January of 2013. I moved here, in part to work at a wonderful space called Healdsburg SHED, (a place I am so proud to be a part of); but I also moved because I so appreciated the ‘do it yourself' culture amongst the residents of Sonoma County. When I first began my friendships up here it seemed most people were busily growing/making, blending/preserving, bottling/canning all that I used to only find on the shelves of San Francisco’s boutique grocers shelves.

All of the sudden I had home made olive oil, eggs, fruit, canned veggies, and knew the guy whom butchered my pork! I drank house made noccino and made wine in coolers.   Needless to say, the part that most excited me is the connection to land here. And how communities become closer through that tie.

I have now climbed on board with Noci Sonoma, as we attempt creating all those things I love to have a hand in. We are learning all things from the ground up, from a lot of trial (and error) and investigation thru the demonstration of others and a lot of research.

Now that I have introduced myself, I thought my first post would be about what has inspired us to keep shaping this property into what we can imagine it to be years down the road. (A note to say so much of the vision has changed and morphed from when Chris and Aria first started this project, and I expect many other shifts and changes along the way. We are learning what works best with this land and this valley, and the skills of our new team. Regardless of evolutions, I appreciate the vision as a catalyst forward, if only to further stoke our excitement onward.)

Take a look at some of the wondrous properties that currently exist around the world, that could have an evolution of sorts into Sonoma county. They are examples of what we strive for.

(images pulled from multiple sources, we did not take any of these photos below).

Stay tuned to the blog as Noci grows, and more voices from the farm begin sharing their experiences.  

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