Farm Update

A lot has happened. I mean a lot.  It is now early August 2015 and we have been planting our first crops and designing our first garden.  We have hired a small crew of farm hands, carpenters, artist and even architects .  

I haven't sat down to write a post in a long time. I am sorry, but taking on 24 acres of raw land and transforming it into a Modern Farmstead isn't easy or cheap.  I have been spending endless days and nights just designing, digging, hirings, planting and designing again!

Here is where we are in the process

  • Buildings are designed
  • Started permitting process with Sonoma County
  • 15 Gardens are laid out and cut into the ground
  • New sheep home built
  • New chicken home built
  • Garden 3 planted (our first detailed garden) 
  • Gardens 6,8, 12, 14 planted (squash, corn, sunflowers, artichokes and 2 acres of Pumpkins)
  • 50' middle passage way, grassed and lined with 10 yr old blueberries
  • 1 mile of deer fence up
  • 1 mile of water piping and outlets in
  • Farm Stand designed and deck being built next week
  • 800 ft entry fence and 4 gates designed, and partially installed
  • 400 chickens have begun to lay eggs. Popping out 10 cartoons a day and counting
  • 16 pigs and counting or counting down
  • 283 instagram photos posted (instagram/nocisonoma)
  • 5 farmers hired, 2 carpenters
  • First farm dinner planned (month 1/2 away)
  • Farm launch planned (October for Halloween) this is why we planted 5000 pumpkins
  • New post coming and pictures of the staff

For now, here are some photos of what has been happening on the farm.  Enjoy

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