It's All Coming Together - Gardens, Fences, Pumpkins

After many months of planning, design, digging and shaping the front fence and gates are finally going up into the air.

We have about 800 ft of fence and gates going up in the front of the farm along Dry Creek Road. The gates and fence will effectively divide the public gardens, farm stand and greenhouse from the rest of the gardens on the farm.  A thin black line with some solid and some almost transparent sections.  It won't feel imposing. It should instead feel inviting.  Asking the visitor to almost step up to the fence and look through.

We have two styles of fences.  A vertical slatted fence which is made up of thirty three 2x6x12 boards, which creates a 70' wide by  7' tall.  These fences are centered on the main walking path, which when completed, will cut through all the gardens.  There are 15 one acre gardens in total.

The other style of fence is more of a solid box style.  That fence will start going up on Saturday.  I will make sure to take some photos.

Both fences will be finished in a blacken Pine Tar.  We are using Pine Tar in many different places on the farm.  Including our main buildings.  It protects the wood, has a nice deep color and has been used in Sweden for hundreds of years.  

The other big achievement is Garden 3 (our kitchen garden).  It is almost completed.  The beds are growing, but we need to finish the outer fence, the grass paths and tree plantings.  Beyond that, it is really feeling good.  Tons of basil, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peppers and so on.  Check out the photos.

Last but not least, the pumpkins.  They are growing!  Yes, our first real crop and the main feature of our official farm launch this October.  2 acres of pumpkins.  White, Orange, Big and Medium. Hopefully they will all workout.  Right now the plants look great, but no fruit as of yet.  We have been watering with the sprinklers, but hopefully by tomorrow we will have the drips in and can just drip the entire 2 acres. 90% of the watering takes place at night. I have to turn them on and off all night long because of the super heated days we are having.  The drip will save water and allow me to get some sleep. 24 acres is a lot to water...

Stay tuned and hopefully we will see everyone in October!  

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