The Great Pyrenees Noci Farm Dogs

The strangest thing happened to me yesterday.  A woman from the winery across the street from our farm came over and told me a great number of people were concerned for the health and well being of our two Great Pyrenees farm dogs, Winter and Viviana.  

They apparently think that our sheep dogs are being abused because they live on the farm with all the other animals. Which is a strange re-action since we live in the country side and these are guard dogs.  Their job is to protect the other animals. That is their job. If they went home with us, they wouldn't be doing their job or, more importantly, be happy.

The Great Pyrenees are an ancient breed.  They are tough, almost wolf like.  They love hanging with the sheep, running in the rain and getting dirty.  They also love people.  And since I have decided to allow the sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks to freely roam the 24 acres for now, the dogs too are free to go whereever they want to to go. Most sheep owners keep their sheep dogs in a small enclosed field and move them each day to a new enclosed area.  Or in Europe they roam with the flock of sheep through the mountains on their own. (youtube video)

They should be with the sheep at all times, but since everyone is free to roam right now, during the day,  they spend a lot of time near the front of the farm, where people driving by see them.

This post is for all the people driving by.  Our dogs are the furthest thing from being abused.  They are very much loved and cared for.  We go out there daily to feed them, hang with them and I also spend a huge amount of time on the farm, getting it ready to be a farm.  

The dogs are working dogs.  Not pets. They have shelter in the large barn tent which is at the back of the farm.  They share the 28'x48' high tunnel tent with the sheep and pigs.  Sheep and pigs seem to use it more than the dogs.  The dogs seem to rather be out in the fields playing around in the mud then in an enclosed environment.  

The dogs eat 2 to 3 pounds of fresh meat a day.  Just ask the butchers at Big Johns what I buy and they will laugh, because these dogs eat better than most people.

To learn more about these dogs, check out 

Livestock guarding dogs are hardy animals and even in the case of severely bad weather may not use a dog house or shelter. Pyrs usually prefer to sleep where they have full view of their surroundings. Shelter should still be provided in pastures as the dog will regard this area as his own territory and be more likely to remain here. A self-feeder should be positioned in a non accessible area to the sheep. The dog must have food readily available if he is to perform successfully as a guardian.
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