Farm Stand Is Now Open

Yes, it is official, we have opened up version one of our farm stand. This is just a soft launch, meaning it will get better and better over the next few weeks.  We have a limited selection now, but tasty ones.  We are going for only the best.  Organic growing practices (working on the organic CCOF certification), permaculture, free range animals, no grain chickens - compost /free range, and most important, huge flavors. 

For Local Chefs: We are offering all chefs 15% off everything grown in our gardens and an option to make Noci Sonoma your personal culinary garden. We will grow your desired plants and have them ready when you need them. It is like owning your own French Laundry garden, but we are your staff. 

We will be open 7 days a week, 10 to 3pm Monday - Saturday and 10 to 1pm Sundays.  2836 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg Ca 95448.  

While out sampling some of the great wines of Dry Creek , stop by and pick up something fresh to eat.

We will be in construction and design mode for the next few years, so spread the word and get on the email list.  We will keep everyone posted as we launch new items, buildings and gardens.  A lot of exciting things are coming.

Also, anyone have food scraps, meat or manure you want to get rid of?  We have started a program to recycle your waste and make fresh compost and food for our plants and animals.  Email our Ambassador Ryan Birrer (ryan at and let him know or drop it off at the farm.

Hope to see you at the farm stand! 

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