The Front Fence Is Going Up

Big things are happening at the front of the farmstead these days.  We are in the process of building out our front fence and gates.   The front fence will serve as the dividing line between the public spaces (4 acres of park like land with our Farm Store and Nursery) and the private farm space beyond.

The fence in total is 750 ft long, 7 feet high and made from Douglas Fir, finished in a black pine tar.  The same finish we used on the Chicken Tractor.

Today we started on the main entrance.  A 20 ft wide x 14 ft tall x 32 ft long trellis type of structure which will have two giant doors in the front.  This box will serve as the main walking entrance for the farm.  Through this entrance you will walk onto a 50 ft wide by 1800 ft long grass lawn / pathway.  This is the main pathway through all the gardens.   

The idea is to frame the gardens. It will be the first view of the gardens beyond and it should be pretty amazing.  Lets hope.

Right now it is a few poles, but by next week it will be a porthole to the future gardens... I can't wait.

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