Our First Farmstead Dinner with Family & Friends

Well, we finally did it.  We opened up the farmstead and invited 100 or so of our closest friends and neighbors.  If you didn't get an invite... it was because we didn't have your email address.  Next time..

The dinner went amazing.  We provided the lamb and the tables (and gardens) and our guest brought the drinks.  In the end 60 or so people came by, chatted and toured the farmstead.  All of the farm staff joined in and helped out.  Especially Naomi and Mike.  They ran the entire dinner and my wife's sister, Eden, jumped in and became the official carver of the lamb.

I hope I said hello to everyone, but I have a feeling I missed a few people.  It seemed to go so fast.

Next time we will start earlier and have more time to just hang out.  Thank you to everyone who came.