Our New Weltevree Outdoor Stove / Fireplace

The Shed had their annual dump our extra stuff 50% off sale and we scored!  Thanks Doug and Cindy!

The whole family went to see what goodies we could snag and have a little breakfast.  My son was probably the most excited.  He loves new stuff and being upstairs at the Shed.  They have decks and for some reason, he likes being up high.

We took home a whole lot of stuff, orchard picking bags, a British shovel and rakes, glasses, and a bee! But the biggest score, for me at least, was the Weltevree Stove / Fireplace.  

I had seen it downstairs in the garden section for over a year now.  I never thought much of it, sitting outside looking like an old rusting metal can.  It didn't seem to be saying anything to me.  Especially not, TAKE ME HOME.  Not even a whisper.  I hadn't even realize what it actually was.

I think it might have been the way it was displayed.  Just pushed up against the fence, in a row of other non related items.  It wasn't setup to be the star it is.  This little stove could be the first building block for the deck and outdoor kitchen I am about to build under our large Walnut Tree.  It is so much more than a fireplace. It's a stove top, an oven, a pizza oven (with the included pizza stone), a grill and yes, a fireplace.

The Weltevree outdoor oven, is made in Netherlands, out of a corten steel.  The steel will rust on the outside, but not in a destructive way. It becomes a protective layer.  Really a beautiful natural finish.

I fired it up for the first time yesterday.  Worked great.  Now I just need to build the deck under it.  Stay Tuned.....   We have a few projects that have to be completed before the deck goes up.   

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