How To Free A Tractor 101

It’s Free! Just before the Great Flood of 2014 we freed the beast! 

Step One: Rent a 8000 lbs Skid Steer with tracks.
Step Two: Get the Skid Steer out to the tractor without getting stuck in the mud.
Step Three: Hook up the tractor to the Skid Steer using some new heavy chains.
Step Four: Have the new guy Leo drive the Skid Steer and have your sidekick Mynor handle the backhoe arm on the tractor.
Step Five: Get in the tractor and hope for the best.
Step Six: Have Leo slowly start pulling as I give the tractor wheels some power and have Mynor push with the backhoe arm.... 
Step Seven: Celebrate because it WORKED!

I knew I had to take action before the storm was coming. What a relief, because the weather report didn’t look good.  8 inches of rain were expected in the next 24 hours. And as we all know from the post below, it did just that.  Dumped enough water to flood down town Healdsburg and turn our small creek into a raging river.  What luck… 

Thought I would share some of the photos from the tractor rescue.

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