The Great Flood Of Sonoma, Happening Right Now!

It is happening right now in real-time.  The town, the roads, the farms and yes even my wood shop is all filling up with water.  This morning, I drove out to the farm out at Dry Creek and found myself in the middle of a river thundering down from the hills, over the road and into the vineyards below.

Lucky for us, our farm seems to be doing alright.  Only the access road between our farm and our neighbors vineyard was flooding and was a crazy river, but the rest looks pretty good.  There was some crazy thing bubbling up from the ground.  I guess maybe the ground water is pushing up through the ground?

Dry Creek, which is at the back of our farm, no longer looks like a creek.  It looks like the Russian River. It is almost to the top of our bank.  Which is a good 20 ft above the creek normally.

After checking out the farm, I headed to the wood shop in town, off Grove St.  Well, it isn't doing as well as the farm.  The street in front of City Hall, and Healdsburg ave are both rivers and  the parking lots are lakes.  

The shop is also taking on water.  Luckily the shop floor is sloped a little and the water seems to be staying in the front and not coming too deep into the building.  But we will see.  I am typing this up now in the shop and it is still raining like mad.

Farm life in Northern California.  Never a dull moment.  I will keep you posted on what happens next.