Fencing In The Farm - Part 1

This is going to be a long multi part post because that is just how big of a project the fence has turned out to be. 

We are fencing in nearly the entire 24 acres.  The area below the ridge in the back, about 200 ft from the creek, we are not fencing.  But the rest is getting a 8 ft tall deer fence with a 4 ft lower / below ground fence to keep out digging predators and a 4 strand 1.5 joules electric fence attached to the outside of the Deer fence.  And that is not all.  We are building by hand, in the wood shop four gates, over 250 ft of wood walls and five decks in different sizes.  Plus... (I told you this would be long) we are trenching the outside edge of the fence around the 24 acres to burry the predator fence and to add water and power pipes around the entire farm.

This project started about two months ago and we have about another two months to go. We decided to do it all ourselves.  Mostly me and my trusty side kick, Mynor.  He is my everything guy.  Carpenter, plumber, electrician and general handy guy.  He is always willing to jump in and figure it out with me.  

In these post I will go over what materials we purchased, why we are creating this type of fence and show you the final results.  I will post the first post tomorrow.  I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.. I know your on pins and needles..