Why Oh Why Did We Get Pigs?

Pigs are a special animal.  Pushy, bold and always hungry.  I never never thought I would be the father of pigs.  But here I am today the very proud modern farm pop to 3 American Guinea Hogs. We drove up to Ukiah, Ca and checked out some pigs and sheep for sell at a farm called Finley’s Mountain Ranch.  We didn’t know what to expect and when we got there.. it seemed a little shady.  Dirt roads hanging of the side of steep cliffs, a trailer, and some guy on a 4 wheeler with dogs chasing him.  But after we got over ourselves, it was great. We are new country folk, city thinking is hard to shake.  Sorry.

Darlene and Mark (owners of Fineley’s) have a passion for Katahdin sheep and Guinea hogs. So we lucked out. They had big beautiful animals. We walked around with the animals and pretty much decided on the spot, that we would take some home.  Only problem was we didn’t have our fence up yet or have a shelter for them.
They were nice enough to keep them for a few months, as we got their new home ready.  

They are just little guys but they rule over all the farm animals.  Just like in the book Animal Farm. Scary...  

We got them because I have been reading a book called Holy Shit (which i love) and it is all about manure and your farm.  Turns out you need it or can really use it to help keep the farm soil alive. So I looked for grazing animals and it turned out Guinea Hogs graze and don't get too big.  Plus they are some funny friendly guys.  We got one boy and two girls... not related, so we should have babies in the next 12 months.