The Sheep & Pigs Settle In

Its the first night on the farm for the Sheep and Pigs. I have decided to camp out inside the temporary barn with them.  Just to make sure no Coyotes stroll by and decide to have a snack.  Also, I don't know anything about Sheep or Pigs, so I want to see how they behave tonight.

Hanging with me will be our house dogs, Basil and Louie and the two new Great Pyrenees pups, Winter and Viviana.

We didn't plan of having the sheep and pigs here until we finished their houses and the fence around the farm. But neither of those things are done and they are here anyways.  That is my fault.  I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted to get to know them and learn from them what type of house they would actually use.  So here they are in our temporary barn tent.  It was the tractors tent, but not anymore.  I think the sheep like it.

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