The Sheep Are Coming

Sheep / Pig temporary barn.

We are getting the farm ready to receive our sheep and pigs. The deer fence is almost up all around the property, the temporary barn is getting filled with hay and... We just got some SHEEP DOGS!! Adorable adorable 7 week old Great Pyrenees puppies. These little guys are so cute and have such a sweet temperament – I want to switch them out with our dogs. Sad but true.

Walking the farm together.

Great Pyrenees are a very old breed and have been used for hundreds of years by shepherds in France and Spain to guard the livestock, particularly sheep. I was in charge of picking the name for the girl and my husband the boy. I wanted to name her something that represented her lineage as well as her demeanor. This name was also on my favorite list of names for my daughter too but my husband thought she would sound like a foreign exchange student. (I laughed and kinda agreed) But I love the name Viviana and it’s so fitting for our new graceful gorgeous dog.

My husband named the boy Winter for it’s strength. So, here they are, Viv and Win. We’ve only had them for a few days and they are already besties with our son.

Family fun in the new hay.

Building the temporary home for our sheep / pigs and new dogs.