Discovering Dry Creek

This just happens to be our backyard.  The farm starts on Dry Creek Road and ends in the middle of the real creek.   The creek runs 8 miles from the Russian River up to Sonoma Lake.  

I guess this creek is a big deal.  It is the only creek in the area that I know of that runs wet all year.  They dammed it up to make the lake back in 1982.  They have to release a certain amount of water to keep the creek flowing, because its a protected spawning area for Salmon and Trout.  When we looked at the farm to buy it, and walked down to the creek, you could see 2 / 3 ft long Salmon jumping out of the water, heading up stream.  Pretty cool sight.

Since it is protected, it means we can't alter anything 200 ft from the creek bank.  But our property ends in the middle of the creek.  So we own it, but... we don't.  It's beautiful the way it is anyways.  Just wish we could clean up a little.

My son and I decided to break out our new Canoe and see if we could head up stream.  Wow.... that is a workout. But look at the photos. It is well worth the effort.  If we head south, we would end up in the Russian River.  We will have to do that in the spring.

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