The Future Farm - Maybe

The raw field of Mustard.  What you can't see is all the trash and metal hiding under the field.

We have been living in Healdsburg for a few months now. We came here in January and moved into a small bungalow house in town.  The idea was just to get up here and start looking for the actual land we wanted to move on and build our house.  

We had spend almost a year looking in this area and on the Napa side.  We would fly up from L.A. on Alaska air, rent a car, rent a hotel room and drive the country side.  We looked at land, houses, rentals... and so on.  Nothing seem to fit.

Then my wife just said, lets buy this house in town. Its way too small, not our taste and its leaning... at least its in Healdsburg and we can stop flying up.  We can start living here.  So we did and not but a few months later, we (I) stumbled on this patch of dirt we are going to call home.

We have dived in head first.  My beautiful wife, my son, my new daughter and of course all the animal family members.  We bought 24 acres of dirt.  When we actually bought the place it was listed as 19 acres, but the survey was wrong and it didn't include the back area near the creek.  When that was added, it shot up to 24 acres.  Nice bonus.

We are surrounded by vineyards and beautiful mountains and a couple of neighbors.  The views are just amazing. But sadly our field (farm) needs a lot of help.  After 20 or so years of being idle and neglected, we are digging our way through the trash, metal, cars and concrete left behind by generations of farmers.  It seems this was used as a bit of a junk yard.  We are finding all kinds of old junk.  Cars and concrete buried in the creek bank, metal post in the fields and just random trash.

The old timers didn't have much cash, so they seem to use whatever they had to hold the rising creek waters back and save the bank and the farm from being washed away by the yearly floods.  The entire backend of the property on the creek side seems to be made up of the old cars, concrete, metal and rocks.  All buried 10 ft deep. 

Photos of what we are starting with.