Noci Black / Full Visit Membership (monthly)

Noci Black / Full Visit Membership (monthly)

350.00 450.00

Full Membership

  • Unlimited Visits

  • Full access to the Noci Sonoma gardens, grounds, picnic spots, natural pools, greenhouse, and complete creek access.

  • 100 points a month - points roll over for 12 months - Each point is worth 1lb of harvest or other products including eggs, Noci deserts.

  • Four free guest per visit Per Member

  • Up to four additional guest $50 each for 48-hour pass - Comes with 15 points

  • Children ages 16 years old and younger are free and not considered a guest. Limited to 4 per visit.

This first payment is your deposit. Monthly fees will not start until we open in the Spring of 2018. Once your membership starts in the Spring, the deposit will be non-refundable.

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