Noci Black / Full Visit Membership (monthly)

Noci Black / Full Visit Membership (monthly)

from 350.00

Our Full Membership Plan.

  • $350 Monthly (discounted) 

  • Unlimited Visits

  • Single Membership

  • Full access to the Noci Sonoma gardens, grounds, picnic spots, natural pools, garden workshops and complete creek access.

  • Up to 100 points a month - points roll over for 12 months. Each point is worth one pound of harvest.

  • Four free guest per visit. Up to four additional guest $50 each for 48-hour pass.

  • Children ages 16 years old and younger are free and not considered a guest. Limited to 4 per visit.

    This first payment is your deposit. Monthly fees will not start until July 1st, 2018. Once your membership starts, the deposit will be non-refundable.

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