Noci Founding Members

BECOME A FOUNDING MEMBER AND your membership will help us continue to grow 

Noci Sonoma is a member-based modern farm club with a grand vision inspired out of our passion for food, farming, family and design.

We are knee deep in the process of building, permitting, recipe testing and planting our 24 acres into an authentic, magical, edible, organic permaculture farm refuge in this glorious part of the world.  

Picnics in the gardens, farming workshops, hanging out by the creek, grab a basket and harvest the abundance of the season in the field, hand cut flowers, farm dinners, brunches, outdoor movie nights, live music with garden cocktails and nibbles, curated food products inspired by our garden, kid and family activities, lounging by our (soon to be built!) 400-foot natural pool, and more. 

If you share our passions to create and experience such a place for you and your family to enjoy - become a founding member of Noci Sonoma and your monthly membership will help us continue to blossom and grow.

Your monthly membership fee will go directly to building out the remaining buildings, root cellars, pools, nursery and gardens.  Your membership also allows us to pay livable wages for our entire farm & building staff.  Without our members we couldn't build Noci Sonoma. Please join us in creating this amazing destination and reap the benefits a farm experience can only endure. Spread the word and watch it all come alive.  

There are 3 type of Founding Memberships

Unlimited,  VIP Memberships or Business Memberships

Founding Member Prices are all monthly recurring, 50% Off, and no enrollment fees for as long as you keep your membership active. This is a limited supply offer. Only a few hundred of each membership will be sold.   Sign up now and save huge over the life of your membership. Spread the word to friend before they are gone. 



Free - Fresh Produce, Flowers, Herbs and Eggs

The Unlimited Membership is all about opening our farm up to our members to feed themselves and their families.  Pull the fruit and veggies straight off the vine or out of the ground.  Fill up our harvest basket and when you checkout, pay nothing at all.  It is all inclusive.  If you don't want to harvest come by the Farm Pantry to pickup what we have on display.

50% Off - Limited Time Offer - Unlimited LT $100 or Unlimited XL $150



Free - Dinners, Lunches, Brunches, Movies, Music, Gardening,
Classes, Kid Days & Other Activities

The VIP Membership includes everything our Unlimited Membership has plus free dinners, brunches, lunches, movie nights and special occasions held multiple times a month. Also full access and use of Noci. Pools, Members Club House, gardens, creek and more.

Come hang out at Noci Sonoma, have some food from the gardens, watch a movie, listen to a band or just have a great dinner.  The VIP membership makes you family. Or at least it will feel that way. The dinners, brunches and other gatherings feel more like hanging with good friends in the Italian Country side and not at all like going to a stuffy 100 plus person dinner at a winery.  They are informal, delicious, fun and limited to 20 members at a time.  We keep them small, so you can relax and enjoy.  

(Only VIP Members & Their Guest can come to Noci Gatherings. Our gatherings are exclusive free benefits for our VIP Members). 

 50% Off - Limited Time Offer - Singles $220 Couples $240 Families $260


Give the gift of a Noci Membership to your Employees or Customers

Business Membership includes everything our VIP Membership for any of your employees or customers.

Each Membership Package comes with a set amount of memberships to give out to your customers or employees for 30 days.  After the 30 days, the membership can be given to a new employee or customer.  This is a great way to reward your team or to treat your customers to a unique one of a kind Sonoma experience.  

(Custom packages are available and can be sized to fit your business Contact Us