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Noci Sonoma is the first private edible garden destination of its kind. At least, we've never been to a place like this. That's why we created it, we guess.

We imagined a place that has a little fun for everyone. A place to nourish my culinary inspirations, a canvas for my husband's garden and design ideas, a place our kids can run free, discover nature, and gather summer berries by the bucket. A place to have a picnic, take a break, disconnect from our devices, and reconnect with each other. A garden paradise to relax within. We thought we couldn't possibly be the only people who desire this kind of lifestyle. Thus, Noci was born.

Experience first hand how a garden grows. Taste the abundance around you, pick from the acres of flowers, fruit trees, strawberry field, thornless blackberry walls, harvest straight from the garden beds, and more.

Gather what you like. Knock yourself out. Have fun, and if harvesting isn't your jam, no problem - have a picnic in the grass, play a lawn game, read a book in the hammock, take a nap in the clovers, listen to the birds sing - Noci is a different experience for everyone. Your Noci membership allows you access to the adventure.

When you join Noci, you are joining a creative dynamic community of food and garden enthusiasts.

Welcome to something new and different.

Aria and Chris Adjani

We have had a core group of members from the very early days. People who joined early and stuck with us as we completed the first phase of the gardens and buildings. We have a limited amount of openings left and would like to add some amazing people to the mix. Maybe that is you and your family. Let us know why you want to join and a little about yourself.

Phase one is nearly completed. This round of early membership is $400 a month. You can learn more about the membership here.

Thank you for taking the time to apply.

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2836 Dry Creek Road Healdsburg, CA, 95448

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