Noci Sonoma defined: A private garden/farm club. redefining the farm experience.

Harvest, explore, relax, dine, and feed your soul.


HEad Gardener

Are you a Master Gardener?  A creative, a mentor, a leader?

Noci isn't your typical farm or garden. It is a dream, a place rising out of the ground with a focus on creating a modern garden/farm wonderland.  No chemicals, all organic methods and driven by the idea of establishing a natural permaculture garden resort.  A destination in the heart of the wine country.  A place like no other and hopefully not easily forgotten.

The idea for the gardens is nothing new.  It is the type of gardens planted for 1000's of years.  The Romans built them, the French and the English.  Beautiful spaces to live within. Spaces which are not only beautiful but also functional. They feed the family, the community, soul.

We are seeking out a Master Gardener.  A leader.  A person with a rich, deep history caring for large scale masterfully taken care of and designed gardens.  A person with an understanding of nature, how it does its job, how plants work together, how the life within the soil is the true star of the show.  A person who knows what the word permaculture means and can embrace it. A creative person with an eye for a modern way of designing.  Honoring the past but creating for the future.

Gardens are hard work.  No person can care for them alone.  It takes a team.  Teams need leaders, mentors, teachers and motivators.  

Make history at Noci Sonoma.  This isn't a job offer, it is a career offer.
Salary Position, Medical, other benefits.

Assistant Gardener

Do you have a passion for plants, for magical gardens and the creative process?  Do you love the outdoors and being out there in all weather?  Are you a physical, athletic ready to jump in and get it done, type of person?  Have you ever worked or played on a team?  If you answered yes to all the above, we might have a dream job for you.

Noci Sonoma is a new private member garden/farm club. A high-end destination in the heart of the wine country.  We are in the middle of constructing our buildings and the gardens.  We need motivated career seeking gardeners/farmers. Individuals with a dream to become a Master Gardener some day and to build legendary gardens such as High Grove and Babylonstoren.

Gardens are hard work.  No person can care for them alone.  It takes a team.  Please apply if you believe you are qualified and deserve to be one of the few bright, creative people to join the Noci Sonoma team.

Make history at Noci Sonoma.  This is not a job offer; it is a career offer.
Salary or Hourly, Medical, other benefits.


It is time. Noci Sonoma has turned a corner.  

We know who we are and what we are creating.  We started off just building a farm, a home.  It wasn't meant to be; the land wanted to be something else.  It wanted to be a destination.  A garden, a place that feeds the stomach and the soul.  

We had to re-think farming.  Re-think how to attract customers, our members and how we charge them.  In doing that, we have stumbled upon a completely new way to create a farm business.  We decided, not to charge for the produce, the fruit, the flowers or for the brunches, lunches, dinners or movie nights.  We instead charge a monthly membership fee to access the farm. To be part of this place. To come hang out, harvest your own food, simply sit down with friends, or to have a memorable meal.  

That simple change has had amazing results.  A destination for the urban dwelling population to re-connect with the source of their food and the people who grow it.  We want to inspire a new generation of gardeners/farmers to choose a career growing things.  

This is where a President comes in. We need a developer of start-ups. A team builder.  An organizer.  A fellow dreamer. Someone with deep experience taking a company from an idea to a fully funded and functioning business.  

We have an aggressive timeline.  We open officially in the Spring of 2017.  Gardens are going in; buildings are going up.  We already have over 100 members, but have big ambitions.  We need a steady hand to ramp up our organization and prepare us for the growth ahead. Are you that person?  Do you have a strong network of professionals to support our growth?  Do you have experience raising funds, inspiring staff and investors alike?

Are you a person looking to bring new creative ideas into the world? 

Make history with us at Noci Sonoma.  This is not a job offer; it is a career offer.

 Salary, Medical, other benefits.