Membership Cards & Weekend Harvest

The weather has been gorgeous this past week. The Sun! How we missed you…

But of course the farm is still wet, the roads are still wet, and we are having some light rain this weekend. Good news, the gardens are lush, green and beautiful. 

Even though rain is on the forecast for Saturday (Can't Belive It!) we encourage you to get your boots on, walk to the back and harvest. For those of you that want to get your hands dirty, we will have an extra offering of vegetables in the ground since we have a limited supply.

For those that don’t want to walk to the back, you can absolutely order another box and pick it up at the wood shop on Saturday from 10-12.
Also, and this is the most exciting news, we finally have your fancy pants MEMBER CARDS ready! Wooo hoooo. Let us know if you will be coming out to the farm or woodshop this weekend and we will hand deliver them to you or, if you prefer, send them off in the mail. 

Harvest List is on the Special Order Form. Click below.

About the New Membership Cards

We moved over to our new system which we will be using in the retail stores once they are built.   Please bring your cards with you when you come to the farm.  We will swipe the cards, when you check out. The system will deduct your monthly points just like cash.  Every member gets 85 points a month. The points you don't use are added to your next month.  This means from this point on, we will need to weight all produce.  Just bring it to the farm stand before putting it in your cars. This will also help us next year to know what to plant and how much.

We will also need to take a photo of the main member on each account to attach to our system.  This way all our new staff will get to know our members.

We are very excited to be finally moving to our new system. Won't be long now until our retail buildings built and we can move in. Step by step we are getting closer and closer to our grand opening!

To learn more about your membership and the points, check out our Membership Guide Page.

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