Investing In Noci

Life. I have been saying this word a lot lately.  

Mostly in response to someone's tragedy. It is like saying, wow, you just never know.  Life just happens.

But I am using the word as a negative, in a way.  When really the word life means the extreme opposite.  There is nothing negative about life, our lives, our planet, the universe, the millions of creatures living all around us and yes, the life sprouting out of the ground at Noci.

Life. That is what Noci is to me.  A modern farmstead like no other, living breathing, growing.  It is nothing short of amazing and it is time to bring it to the world.  

Now, finally after years of planning, designing, building and enduring.  We are ready and excited to open up the opportunity for you to join us in this Life.

We are raising funds to take Noci Sonoma to the next level.  We are building our retail buildings and preparing our gardens for our grand opening this Spring. 

We are only offering this funding opportunity to our inner circle for this round.  The people in our lives who have had the chance to experience what Noci is and can become.  Our members, friends, and family.

To read our Business Plan PDF and our Investment Offer Note, please click the link below.
You can log in with the password: noci2017

Investment Levels

  • $50K - Investment - 120% return on investment - return of principal plus 20% premium
  • $100K - Investment - 150% return on investment - return of principal plus 50% premium
  • $200k - Investment  - 170% return on investment - return of principal plus 70% premium
  • $400k or more  - Investment  - 200% return on investment - return of principal plus 100% premium

We are very excited about what Noci Sonoma will become in 2017 and beyond.  We hope you are too.  We need you because we can only really do this together,  as a team, as a community, as partners.  No one person could bring this big of an idea to life alone.   


There was a time, in the not too distant past when we all lived closer to nature.  We lived in small towns and villages, surrounded by forest, pastures, and farms.  

Those times maybe gone forever. Today, we live in a world of concrete, cars, noise and a work week spent inside an office. We have no clue where our food is grown, who grows it, how it is grown or what the plants or soil even look like.  We wouldn't know an asparagus plant if it tapped us on the shoulder and winked at us.

We think that is crazy.  So we decided to create Noci.

Noci is designed to be your personal farm.  Close enough to visit daily. Beautiful enough to want to come back to again and again.  Noci is a modern organic permaculture farmstead garden/farm.  That is an overly long title.  But the point is, it is natural, beautiful, non-toxic, and gives our members a sense of adventure.  It brings them back to a child-like state.  They get to experience everything.  Harvesting their own food, having a picnic in the garden, hanging by a creek, spending time in a wild flower field and meeting the actually farmers working the ground.  

This is beyond the Whole Foods Market experience of seeing photos of a smiling farmer above the produce section and even goes beyond buying your produce at your local farms market.  This is a real connection.  An authentic experience.