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Noci Sonoma - Edible Garden Adventure

Nestled in the heart of the dry creek valley just minutes outside the charming town of Healdsburg, ca.


a new kind of Garden experience is Coming and It Is Called Noci Sonoma.

We are not planting endless rows of mono crops or miles of wine grapes. We won't be gathering up our seasonal harvest and selling at the farmers market. We are taking a step beyond the farm to table experience. We are interested in creating something new. Something that has yet to be done. 

Noci Sonoma is the ultimate edible garden adventure. 

When you become a member of Noci, this becomes your garden. With a basket in your hands and some clippers, we open the garden gates for you to explore.  

We are planting out our 24 acres with kitchen gardens full of seasonal vegetables, cooking herbs, medicinal herbs and cutting flowers. Pathways lined with blackberry walls 10ft high, grape trellis tunnels dripping with all kinds of table grapes, strawberry fields, 100's of blueberry bushes, 100 varieties of fruit trees and so much more. 

These gardens are for our members, guests and their families. Everything at their fingertips to be sampled, enjoyed and harvested.  

They can feel the soft clover and grass lawns between their toes. Cool down in the 400 ft natural pools, find one of the many shady picnic spots to have lunch or take a moment in one of our living teepee structures and read a book. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to harvest or what things are.  Our knowledgable gardeners will be there to assist you with a helping hand.  There will also be plenty of classes and demonstrations on gardening, greenhouses, preserving, and even making something with your fresh cut bounty. 

Within these gardens lays a portal to a new life. A new kind of luxury that feeds a deep hunger. An appetite not just for food but for wisdom and exploration that feeds the soul. 


Featured on Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen



Noci Sonoma Memberships are unique.  This is a collective of passionate people. A shared love for gardens, delicious  naturally grown food, outdoor adventures, and getting their hands dirty while having a fantastic adventure in a one of a kind garden.

We are focused on creating a very authentic experience.  We signed up over 150 members over the last year and tested out many ideas as we developed Noci.  The ideal members seem to come from all walks of life. Professionals, artist, craft people, tech people and from all counties and backgrounds.  But the key element has been their love of the gardens, being out in nature and the love of great food.  

It doesn't matter if you are a CEO or a social worker.  The  key element is that this is a real place. A real farm. A real garden. We are creating this with our own hands. This is not a Four Seasons, and you shouldn’t expect it to be. It is and will be very stylish and designed, but we are not a resort.

We are focused on making this a creative place.  A place where members help each other and spread the word about a new type of farm, this new way to experience food and life.  

Start exploring and harvesting Spring 2018

We are still under construction, but we are accepting members for this coming late June or early July when we expect to open to members.  We will still be under construction for another 12 months and the gardens are young and will need time to mature. This year we will only add a few hundred members. These members are founding members and will recieve a discount for the next 12 months.  The membership will include: 

  • All access to gardens.  Up to 100 pounds of produce per month, only $5 a pound for anything you want.
  • Garden Workshops
  • 24 acres of edible seasonal gardens (Each season reflects what we grow. Many heirloom varieties.)
  • Hundred Varieties of Fruit Trees
  • 500 ft of  Nature Pools (under construction until August 2018)
  • Artichoke Feilds
  • Asparagus 
  • Wildflowers and Cutting Flowers
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Kitchen Herb Garden
  • Raspberries, Mulberries, Loganberries, Elderberries
  • Picnic Spots throughout 
  • 600 ft of private beach area on Dry Creek. 
  • Living Tunnel Pathways (berries, grapes and flowers)
  • Thousands of feet of thronless Blackberry Walls
  • Table Grape Teepee Tunnels
  • Strawberry Field
  • 100's of blueberry bushes
  • Pasture Free Range Eggs
  • Members are the only ones who can reserve their favorite spot in the garden for a private gathering. (under construction until mid Summer)
  • Garden inspired seasonal edibles created by Aria Alpert Adjani to be available at our Farm Pantry Store. Which is our only public space. 

Apply now. Only 300 members available for the Spring 2018.  



BecomIng A Member


We are Under Construction - We Not Open Just Yet.

From the street, the gardens are bit of a mess. Steel building frames are going up, large machines turning the earth, trellises are being welded together and pools are being shaped.  And, there are weeds as far as you can see.  But don't worry, this will rapidly change over the coming months.

The garden staff is hard at work laying out gardens and installing the irrigation.  Soon, green pathways will appear and the weeds will give way to Winter cover crops.  And while the beds sleep over winter, the young Spring plants will be growing in the green house just waiting for the right moment to take their place in the very first official Noci Gardens.



Stories About Noci



Williams Sonoma

The largest kitchen food lifestyle retailers in the United States,  stopped by to create a feature story about Noci Sonoma for their Fall 2017 Catalog and website.  See the entire story, our featured guest and a video interview at

See PDF of William Sonoma Catalog Layout of Noci Sonoma 

San Francisco Cottage & Garden

The June/July issue of SFC&G has arrived! Profiled is a Sonoma retreat by architect Paul Baird, a modernist "treehouse" by architect Jess Field, and Noci Sonoma farmstead Field Architecture. SFC&G

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The Authentics

Noci Sonoma is one of the Authentics featured in the upcoming book from renowned photographer Melanie Acevedo and a celebrated founding editor of domino magazine, Dara Caponigro, comes a lush dive into the private worlds and gorgeous homes of creative trailblazers in art, design, and fashion around the world. Available October 2017.


The Authentics book cover


Sheets to the wind

Something very special is budding in Dry Creek Valley... The couple that started Noci Sonoma, the Adjanis, moved here from LA, via NYC. Like many that come to the area, they fell in love with this county and found themselves yearning to build a life here for them and their young children.

Wine Country Lifestyle Magazine

What started out simply as a search for a place to raise their family, has morphed into an ambitious project that includes transforming the entire 24 acres of once-fallow land into a designed permaculture garden.

 See online at

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Grow an Extra Row” Program off to a great start. 280 plants in the ground! Thanks to Noci Sonoma for providing our farmers with beautiful vegetable ‘starts’ to grow for our community in need!
— Farm To Pantry - Healdsburg


Building Designs

Learn More About the Designing Of Noci Sonoma

See all the building design and garden layouts on the design page

The process of building Noci Sonoma has been a very organic.  Not just because we are building an organic permaculture Garden, but because we had no idea what wanted to be on the land.  We took our time. We started working the land, little by little. First, we purchased a tractor. Then we cleared the fields, mostly of trash. Then one by one patterns emerged. You could feel the grids.  The location of gardens, buildings, fences and instinctively we knew, we discovered, what Noci wanted to be.