Noci Sonoma

The Edible Garden Adventure Club.

Noci Sonoma

Explore, taste, harvest, and discover a garden destination like the world has never seen. In the heart of the California wine county, just outside of the town of Healdsburg. 

Noci is a members-only garden club with a little something for everyone.

For the foodies out there, it is a wonderland of fresh ingredients.  

Around every corner, there is something new to taste. Heirloom varieties you may never have seen. Seasonal vegetable gardens, cooking herbs, fruit trees, table grapes and berries growing literally everywhere.  All harvested by you, straight from the garden.  

Our gardens are naturally grown with no chemicals and no pesticides.  We let nature work together to create an edible paradise.

For the adventurist out there, it's a place to escape.

With 18 private shade decks (coming 2018/2019) with all the gear, you will need to hang out, whipup lunch, work a little, write a book or just catch a nap.  With 24 acres of walled gardens, you will feel like your the only one there.  Hang by the 500' long natural pool will with plants and wildlife.   Wander the 1000's of feet of garden pathways lined with food for the picking.   Try a few berries, grab an apple, gather a bouquet of flowers or just watch nature go by.   Or if your really an adventurist, head to the creek and explore nature in the dry creek valley.

For families, it is a place to be together.  

A giant private edible park just for you. With many 1-acre gardens, you will be free to let the kids have fun,  explore, play in the water, lay in the grass and gather berries.   Bring a blanket, or grab a shaded deck.   Bring a lunch or make one from the gardens.  It is the perfect family hangout. 

For the Gardeners, Noci is a slice of paradise.

 It may be the first garden of its kind.  A young garden being re-imagined from the ground up.  The idea is the create a natural environment designed to be a garden.  Come explore and learn new tricks.  See it in development.  Taste the bounty.  

Become a Noci Member and have your own adventure.


opening Spring 2019


Just some of the features in our Noci Memberships.  

The membership will include: 

  • All access to 24 acres of gardens.

  • Up to 100 pounds of produce per month.

  • Garden Workshops

  • Hundred Varieties of Fruit Trees - Apple, Pear, Peach, Apricot, Plum and Cherry

  • Tomato Garden - Heirloom, Cherry and Sauce Tomatoes

  • Eggplant

  • Sweet and Hot Peppers Garden

  • Cut flower Garden - 1000's of flowers

  • Edible Flowers

  • Onion Garden - Leeks, Chives, Bulbing Onions, Shallots

  • Purple and Green Artichokes

  • Red, Golden and Candy Striped Beets

  • Dark Greens Garden

  • Lettuces Garden

  • Citrus Trees

  • Summer Berries - Blueberries, Raspberries, Mulberries, Loganberries, Elderberries, Goldenberries

  • Strawberry Field

  • Thousands of feet of thronless Blackberry Walls

  • Asparagus Field

  • Concord Grape Teepee Tunnels

  • Medicinal Herbs

  • Kitchen Herb Garden

  • Pole Beans

  • Cucumbers

  • Summer Squash

  • Picnic Spots throughout

  • 600 ft wildflower tunnel

  • 500 ft of Nature Pools (still under construction)


Building Designs

Learn More About the Designing Of Noci Sonoma

See all the building design and garden layouts on the design page

The process of building Noci Sonoma has been a very organic.  Not just because we are building an organic permaculture Garden, but because we had no idea what wanted to be on the land.  We took our time. We started working the land, little by little. First, we purchased a tractor. Then we cleared the fields, mostly of trash. Then one by one patterns emerged. You could feel the grids.  The location of gardens, buildings, fences and instinctively we knew, we discovered, what Noci wanted to be.



Noci Sonoma Press 




Williams Sonoma

The largest kitchen food lifestyle retailers in the United States,  stopped by to create a feature story about Noci Sonoma for their Fall 2017 Catalog and website.  See the entire story, our featured guest and a video interview at

See PDF of William Sonoma Catalog Layout of Noci Sonoma 

San Francisco Cottage & Garden

The June/July issue of SFC&G has arrived! Profiled is a Sonoma retreat by architect Paul Baird, a modernist "treehouse" by architect Jess Field, and Noci Sonoma farmstead Field Architecture. SFC&G

See Magazine Article PDF

The Authentics

Noci Sonoma is one of the Authentics featured in the upcoming book from renowned photographer Melanie Acevedo and a celebrated founding editor of domino magazine, Dara Caponigro, comes a lush dive into the private worlds and gorgeous homes of creative trailblazers in art, design, and fashion around the world. Available October 2017.

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News Papers

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle April - Sunday Travel Edition - A visit to Noci Sonoma means grabbing a handbasket and passing through a square metal portal that opens into 24 acres of fruit, vegetable, herb and flower gardens, ready to pick your own produce. You might snag strawberries or clip purple asparagus, or ask a staff gardener for advice on what and how to harvest. Then you take your haul home, or eat it, fresh, in one of a few designated sitting areas.


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When Passion Meets Craft: Chris Adjani

Along the California coast, right in the heart of wine country, a fresh Sonoma experience is growing: an Edible Garden Adventure.

Nestled between acres of carefully-plotted vineyards and standard California produce, sitting just a few minutes outside the charming town of Healdsburg is a budding outdoor haven called Noci Sonoma. No doubt an outlier in Sonoma County, its call to area locals is simple:

Wine Country Lifestyle Magazine

What started out simply as a search for a place to raise their family, has morphed into an ambitious project that includes transforming the entire 24 acres of once-fallow land into a designed permaculture garden.

 See online at

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Grow an Extra Row” Program off to a great start. 280 plants in the ground! Thanks to Noci Sonoma for providing our farmers with beautiful vegetable ‘starts’ to grow for our community in need!
— Farm To Pantry - Healdsburg

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