Noci Farm, is just a twinkle in our eye at the moment. Or maybe more like a splash of mud. We are knee deep in the stuff, designing the farm, getting to know our animals, building fences, and setting the buildings motion.

Follow us as we turn this raw land into a magical wonderland of food, design, gardens and products.


The Farm

Our property is smack dab in the middle of one of the most prestigious wine growing appellations in Sonoma County - Dry Creek Valley. Pretty much everyone around us grows grapes. Vineyards to the right of us, to the left and directly across from the creek. Yes, there is actually a creek in Dry Creek. A gorgeous picturesque creek that runs into the Russian River and down from Lake Sonoma.

But we aren’t interested in planting a vineyard. Well, maybe just an acre of grapes to take a stab at making some house wine. I mean, this valley is one of California’s most prominent producers of Zinfandel. We might as well give it a go and see what happens. 

We are interested in planting our 24 acre lot into an organic permaculture farm. Fruit orchards, nut trees, natural pools, vegetables, grains, grasses, flowers, trout ponds, beans, herbs, heck anything and everything we love to eat. Oh and by the way, we are not farmers. Don’t come from a lineage of them either. We are simply city folk with a lot of passion and big dreams. We honestly have no idea how to do this. Yet. But we will. I hope.

Follow us on our journey as we figure this shit out (literally) and create something beautiful.



The Farm Blog is really my (Adjani) daily, weekly journal about life on the farm. A photo history history and my thoughts about each new challenge on this farm.

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The Food blog is a place for me (Aria) to share all that I am passionate about, all that I love, create and cook. All that is me – salty, spicy, bitter and sweet.

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Our First Product


Our first product, which is a surprise to us is a Tractor Carry All.  A large wood box made which attaches to the back of a tractor.  It is used like a pickup truck bed for tractors to carry just about anything you need to move around the farm. 

We are using ours as a mobile picnic spot, to hauling in our harvest and  transport all the building supplies.  


The Noci Carry All

  • Made from sustainably harvested Douglas Fir and steel
  • Connects to category 1 & 2 tractors
  • Waterbased finish and beewax
  • Carry up to 1400lbs
  • Size can be customized to fit your needs - built to order.

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